Watch Modding

Today in the consumer world we want everything to be personalized to suit us. Watches can’t be an exception. It can be as little as a strap being changed, and there are different ways to do it. I believe most people have considered changing straps. There are a variety of ways, and after the change most of the time it seems like a new one. You can try to do it yourself or go to a watchmaker to make changes to the strap or any other parts you want.

There are different types of modding. For example, engraving. Below is István Szijjártó’s incredible work. While looking at it, there is an engraved Maurice Lacroix Aikon and a Rolex Milgauss. This makes the watch fun and one of a kind, which also has a artistic handmade pattern.

engraved by István Szijjártó, captured by @RetekG

Let’s get back to the theme! We will talk about my first real modding experience. I tried some moddings.. For example I made fake patina with the help of coffee. I also faded bezels which made it feel vintage and I change the straps as often as my undergarments.  Majority of these look great.  Unfortunately, none of them come up to that engraved beauty.. However, every little change can be considered as a voice to the world through your watch.

engraved by István Szijjártó, captured by @RetekG

I bought a Pagani Design PD-1652, which is a good base for modding with its NH35 movement, also known as the Seiko 4R35. It’s so easy to find similar parts of Pagani Design from other known luxury watches.